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Subject The Simplest Way to Aesthetic Prosthetics
Country English Registered data 01/10/2017 Read 3212


The Simplest Way to Aesthetic Prosthetics, rainbow™ Shade Block


As the need for aesthetic prosthetics increases, the interest in zirconia, which can satisfy both mechanical property and esthetics, has gradually increased.

In order to improve the quality of esthetics, there used to be two traditional ways: putting porcelain powder on the zirconia core or imitating the color by staining a transparent zirconia block with coloring solutions.

However, these processes to realize the desired colors are not only quite complicated, but after completing, the stained part can be peeled off and the original color of the block might be exposed.

Due to the original color of rainbow™ Shade Block itself, not only dental technicians, but dental clinicians can also easily handle the blocks. By simplifying the LAB process more, without dipping process, only by brushing, expected colors can be realized.

Focused on practicality, rainbow™ Shade Block enables to shorten the period of working time and move one step forward in the realization of more simplified aesthetic prosthetics.


2017 Dentium Seoul Forum 01/12/2017


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