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Subject Improved Strength and Speed
Country English Registered data 02/14/2017 Read 3107



Improved Strength and Speed


Since its first launch in 2007, SuperLine has been so much loved due to its stable follow-up and superior results.  It has been also accumulating over 8 years of long-term data and proving the profound quality of itself. The more astonishing news is, improved and upgraded SuperLine will be coming with better convenience and stability.


Convenience in Surgery

To improve the convenience in surgery for the users, SuperLine instrument has been developed. First, by applying ‘Step Drill’ shape on the Final drill, the ‘Guide’ function has been added and cutting force has been improved. Moreover, newly developed ‘Condensing Drill’, which can function as both Tap Drill and Countersink Drill, helps form the thread line of fixture, and now it is not only much easier for the users to place an implant but possible to perform Immediate & Early Loading.

Second, by placing the O-Ring to the upper part of the fixture adapter, fixture connection stability has been ameliorated. The adapter and internal hex-part now connects first to hold a fixture better, and the connection status is also visible through the O-Ring.


Convenience in Prosthetics

The ‘S-Line’ concept has been applied on the abutment design to extend the contact surface between gingiva and abutment.  The new concept forms a concave shape and realizes more aesthetic and stable emergency profile.


Long-Term Stability

When placing an implant, what is regarded as the most important key factor is the initial stability. To increase the initial stability, the S.L.A. surface treatment of SuperLine, which has been already proved its superiority in public, has been extended to the bevel part. Moreover, knife-edged thread design and widened thread height can effectively disperse stress and increase the initial stability, and ultimately, the long-term stability can be guaranteed.