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Subject 37th International Dental Show Cologne
Country English Registered data 03/30/2017 Read 3755



37th International Dental Show Cologne

- Emphasis on the excellence of Dentium?s Technology for Digital Dentistry as Total Solution -


From 21 March, after five days, the 37th International Dental Show (IDS) came to a close on Saturday, 25 March 2017. At IDS trade fair Dentium had the opportunities to show up its brilliant products and innovative technology to visitors from all over the world.

Over 155,000 trade visitors from 157 countries attended the leading global trade fair of the dental industry with new record results (12 percent increase compared to the previous event). With focus on Digital Dentistry as like IOS, CT Scanner, CAD/CAM Scanner, milling machine the IDS presented further developed digital workflow for visitors.

This time, Dentium demonstrated its excellent technology for digital dentistry as a total solution parallel to the European major industries as like Straumann, Dentsply, Camlog and so on.

The Dentium?s booth was designed with Digital Dentistry at the head. This showed the visitors at a glance how the workflow of ‘Rainbow CT Scanner, CAD/CAM Scanner prime, rainbow mill for clinic, rainbow metal mill, rainbow mill’ works.

With daily small seminars at the booth Dentium provided sufficient and detailed information about its new products to its visitors.

With the topics of seminars on ‘Guided surgery’ by Dr. Ritzmann, ‘Sinus lift with SuperLineⅢ’ by Dr. Betito, ‘New implant system’ by Dr. Wille-Kollmar, ‘milling center/ CADCAM’ by Dr. Bozic and ‘Osteon Ⅲ’ by Dr. Yoon, Dentium could promote its innovative technology to attendants in a short time. 

Furthermore, the Dentium?s visitors had the opportunities to experience clinical technique by doing Hands-on courses at the booth. The Hands-on courses were very well-received by the visitors.

37th International Dental Show (IDS) was a vital chance for Dentium to present its brilliant products and innovative technology of Digital Dentistry on the world market, by following the market trend of World smoothly.