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Subject Grand Success at the Dentium Seoul Forum
Country English Registered data 04/10/2017 Read 3595


Grand Success at the Dentium Seoul Forum


Upsurge of interest for Dentium New Product; New SuperLine, Surgical Guide System.

Suggestion for Dentium Total Solution.


From March 31 to April 1, 2017, Dentium hosted the 2017 Dentium Seoul Forum, Seoul, Korea. Dentium welcomed approximately 250 overseas clinicians from 23 different countries, who were exposed to edifying lectures on the main theme of “Esthetic & Digital Implantation”. The number of attendee was exceeded than expected so it was the place to realize the potential of Dentium Worldwide.

Pre-Congress that held on March 31, Dr. Seung-Min Han, Dr. Seung-Keun Lee, Dr. Hwee-Woong Park presented useful lecture by each topic with “The Features of SLA Dentium Implants with Conical Connection”, “Evolution of Sinus Lifting Technic: Easy, Safe, Speedy Sinus Lifting Technic”, “Digital Dentistry: Current and Future by Dentium”. Especially many participants were satisfied with the lectures with hands-on courses that the speakers had made.

Main Podium that held on April 1, there was Live Surgery by Dr. Sung-Min Chung that include New Product of Dentium such as New SuperLine and Surgical Guide, Implant Guide, Polymer Guide as well. The unknown participant said “It was great opportunity to learn difficult surgical techniques in Short time.”

Following academic lectures by 6 well-known speakers from Korea was divided to two outstanding sessions with “Tissue Regeneration” and “Digital Dentistry”. Especially “Soft and hard tissue management for ridge optimization” by professor Ui-won Jung got great response from all attendees because he introduced many of steady sellers and new products of Dentium and also he presented with fully academic research result by his clinical evidences and cases that he had studied.

As always, Dentium took the opportunity to share with the attendees the diverse products developed to complement dental implant procedures. In this event, Dentium displayed different dental implant systems, biologics and instruments. The showcase was very well received with abundance of compliments and interests.

To meet growing expectations and demands of dental professionals around the world, Dentium plans to focus even more attention on enhancing its products, leading dental academia, and supporting dental organizations all while providing excellent worldwide patient care. Dentium will continue to showcase its academic preference with desirable presentations in upcoming tradeshows and events, including its next World Symposium in Barcelona on October 28~29, 2017.


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