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Subject Dentium Guide System
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‘Easy and Simple Implant Placement’

Dentium Guide System


Nothing is more important than the placement of an implant when we talk about long-term stability and aesthetic property.

Dentium Co., Ltd. has its own ‘Guide System’ that can help locate the precise position of an implant through ‘Digital Guide’ based upon a digital image technology, and Analog Guide composed of Implant Guide Kit and Polymer Guide Kit which doesn’t require any digital device or software.

With the Dentium Guide System, from novice-like clinicians to experienced ones, everyone can do the implant surgery with a proper guidance in various cases regardless of his or her skill.

Implant Guide Kit is the product which was developed in the light of the final destination and the width of a crown to get the more effective result.

By using the Spacer equal to the width of a tooth, and the Parallel Pins, a user can place a fixture on the central axis of a crown.

The Spacer can be helpfully used in a single case, because drilling without any tissue damage can be done due to its siliconized characteristics.

Moreover, various lengths of the ‘Tripod Parallel Pins’ was developed to secure the drilling points by the length from the central point to the apex of the triangle and it enables the novices to do the surgery in multiple implantation cases.

The ‘Polymer Guide’ was developed to easily create a surgical guide by using a stone model

It is made up of a thermoplastic material that can be transformed into a desired shape in 60 degree Celsius water, and becomes solid at room temperature again. On a stone model, just like getting an impression, a user can get a surgical guide with the ‘Polymer Guide’.

The ‘Digital Guide’ was developed to realize a more precise and convenient implant surgery through a CT and Scan data.

The ‘Digital Guide’ is composed of the ‘Simple Kit’ which offers an accurate depth and position in a narrow area and the ‘Full Kit’ that can help proceed the whole implant surgery with guidance from drilling to a fixture placement.

With the step drill, it is helpful to secure the accuracy and the convenience of surgery by obtaining the guide section with a consecutive drilling.


There are 3 types of sleeves: Ti Sleeve, Non Sleeve, Open Sleeve. When it is impossible to use sleeve due to the small gap between teeth, Non Sleeve can be applied. When there’s a restriction on the distance between maxillary and mandible in the posterior site, Open Sleeve is able to be applied to place a fixture without any restriction at all.

Tons of Dentium product information and useful surgery clips can be found on and


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