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Subject Vivid View for a Precise Diagnosis “rainbow™ CT”
Country English Registered data 05/30/2017 Read 3118



Vivid View for a Precise Diagnosis

Clear ! “rainbow™ CT”


Dental CT is one of the most essential diagnostic devices when checking upon a patient and giving a treatment.

As a result, clinicians' needs for CT that can accurately diagnose with wide FOV size and distortion-free images are increasing.


In order to meet these needs, Dentium has introduced rainbow ™ CT, an X-ray diagnostic system that enables quick diagnosis in the clinic based on easy, simple operation and precise image quality.


The rainbow ™ CT consists of a 3-in-1 system that provides CBCT, Pano, and Cephalo images for dental imaging. FOV 16X10cm images can be taken at one time, so that clear images can be obtained up to the upper and lower mandible as well as the posterior and TMJ regions.

Stitching function allows you to set the desired diagnostic area in the entire maxillofacial area. Therefore, it is possible to easily and precisely shoot the Sinus area as well as the basic maxillary and mandible, and it provides the largest FOV 16X10 and 16X18cm (Stitching) images compared with the equivalent products.

The panoramic image is obtained by using the optimal arch trajectory and image reconstruction algorithm to obtain clear images without noise in the whole area as well as the anterior region, thus enabling accurate diagnosis.


The rainbow ™ 3D Viewer developed by Dentium for diagnosis has been consulted by many clinicians. The complex and complicated functions has been changed to easier ways for clinicians who are new to CT equipment.


"The excellent performance, convenience and reasonable price of rainbow ™ CT will be a good news for domestic dental hospitals and clinics," said Dentium. For more information, please call 080-050-2875 or your nearest Dentium sales office.

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