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Subject ‘OSTEON™ 3 Collagen’ with in bone regeneration
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‘OSTEON 3 Collagen’ with excellence in bone regeneration

Choice for Simple Bone graft


Dental clinicians’ interest on ‘OSTEON 3 Collagen’ which has been released last year by Dentium Co., Ltd., is surging. The importance of preservation and regeneration of residual alveolar bone for a successful implant surgery could never be overestimated.  OSTEON 3 Collagen shows a stable bone regeneration effect, and anyone could conveniently use it without conventional preparation processes during surgical procedures due to its excellent wettability.

Formation of natural emergence profile in installing fixtures and manufacturing esthetic prosthesis is an important requirement for completing a successful implantation. In order to satisfy these esthetics and stability, GBR procedures such as bone grafting i.e. contour augmentation and barrier fixation are necessary. However, clinicians these days tend to prefer quick and simple surgical methods such as flapless technique to complex and technique-sensitive GBR. However, undergoing flapless surgeries in cases with insufficient residual bone brings unexpected bone resorption and difficulties in forming emergence profiles in prosthetic procedures. In order to satisfy many clinical needs such as simplification of procedures and formation of esthetic emergence profile, Dentium Co., Ltd., developed OSTEON™ 3 Collagen which is a bone graft material including collagen substance and it made an easy and simple contour augmentation possible.


OSTEON™ 3 Collagen is a product upon which the composition of Porcine collagen with faster dissolution speed compared to that of Bovine collagen has been optimized and applied, and it thus minimized delay of initial bone formation after installation. Also, it shows an excellent bone regeneration effect just as OSTEON™ lll which is proved to have a stable bone regeneration effect through clinical cases and international journals does. Since the product needs no hydration process and it could be applied directly to the site, it made surgeries much simpler. The sizes come in 2 types (diameter 6mm, height 5, 10mm) and they could be applied to appropriate sites, and this minimizes the product loss.

The person interested of Dentium Co., Ltd., said that OSTEON™ 3 Collagen is a product that has not only an excellent bone regeneration effect but also an improved user friendliness than OSTEON™ lll and it is a product that could satisfy the needs of clinicians who want an easy and simple bone graft.


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