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Subject 2017 Dentium Forum in Bangkok
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2017 Dentium Forum in Bangkok

 Successful Completion of Bangkok Thailand Forum in connection with Great china region/Southeast Asia

Dentium Inc. in Great China region successfully completed 'Dentium Bangkok Forum-Tissue Regeneration &Digital Transformation' in connection with Southeast Corporation.
This forum was targeted for the dentists in southeast region including Great China region and Thailand. In the forum, the actual product of Dentium Inc. and various clinical cases ranging from soft & hard tissue management for initial stability reinforcement of implant to digital dentistry were introduced.

The forum began its morning 'Tissue Regeneration' session starting with the lead of Dr. Tuan from Taiwan, the director of Dental Education Association of South California in the US, and the congratulatory message of Prof. Somchai, the Association director of Maxillofacial Surgery Center in Thailand.
In the lecture, GBR based ridge expanding/splitting technique was introduced by Dr. Tuan, and the importance of utilization of keratinized gingiva were stressed, and the session ended with clinical case presentation done by Prof. Jeongcheol Park(Dankook University).

In the second session under the theme 'Digital Dentistry', Dr. Sungmin Chung introduced simplification and refinement of techniques through Dentium digital equipment, and Dr. Hoonjae(Aedaduem Dental Clinic) introduced maximization of esthetics and function through dental materials and digitalization, and Dr. Taehyung Kim(Yeonse Hu Dental Clinic) lastly introduced newly released Dentium products and underwent case presentation thereafter.

In this event, a show room where Rainbow™ CT, Rainbow™ Mill-Metal, Rainbow™ Mill-Clinic were run and actual block milling was thus made possible was prepared, and hands-on booth concerning guided surgery was prepared as well.

Customers were most interested in Rainbow™ CT and Scanner of the equipment part, and then in guided surgery, DASK, and surgical kit of the kit part in order.

Dr. Zou, the manager of The 9th General Public Hospital in Great China Shanghai said that Dentium Inc. does continuous research and development not only in periodontics, bone regeneration and prosthodontics but in the field of digitalization as well, and he also judged that Dentium is a company that keeps building the trust by seeking simplification of technique and precision and through continuous academic conference and exchange.

Related information could be found on the official Dentium website( and the mobile app. (Other inquiries: 070-7098-6349)