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Subject Smile created from rainbow™ Shine-T!
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 Transparent yet strong zirconia block

Smile created from rainbow™ Shine-T!


As the number of patients who want natural smile is growing, esthetic materials for dental prosthesis are rapidly and diversely evolving. Zirconia is an alternate material for PFM, and it plays a huge role for convenience for dental technician such as relatively simple lab procedures and improvement of patient satisfaction.
However, zirconia has limitation on its feature that the transparency is not expressed as natural tooth, and its application is thus limited in posterior region. Therefore, Dentium Inc., in July, developed and released Rainbow™ Shine-T, a high transparency zirconia block, to satisfy the needs of dental technicians.

In choosing zirconia blocks for anterior teeth region, transparency is considered to be a very important element. However, if zirconia is applied on the anterior teeth, complex conventional porcelain build-up process will be additionally necessary, and risk for fracture will also exist. Rainbow™ Shine-T is a product that makes expression of esthetic ant.teeth possible without complex conventional build-up process, and it thus maximized the ease of doing business of dental technicians. The types are composed of A0 and A2 shade blocks. A0 block shows 45% transparency and 1100MPa strength or higher. These figures show that it could be stably applied not only to a single case but also to a cross arch case such as bridge treatment. Also, compatibility for CAM equipment is excellent since it is made in 2 specifications that are disk type and step type. According to the reviews of many dental technicians who participated in the test, they repeatedly said the product is a very convenient product since the process has become simpler and excellent incisal transparency is shown despite rapid sintering.

Dentium Inc. authority reported that "Rainbow™ Shine-T" has various indications, high transparency compared to those of other manufacturers’ products, and stable strength, and also, it is effective in fabricating esthetic zirconia prosthesis."
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