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Subject 5th Dentium Teheran symposium
Country English Registered data 09/18/2017 Read 3393



Successful completion of the 5th Denium Symposium 2017
-Focusing on Dentistry Total Solution through Digital Transmission-

The 5th Dentium Teheran symposium that has been held from Aug. 31st through Sept. 1st in Teheran was a good opportunity to show Dentium products and innovational technology to the local dentists from all over Iran.

In this successful Dentium Teheran Symposium with approximately 1,200 dentist participants, "Digital Workflow" that has been taken to the next level based on digital dentistry was shown. Especially, the opportunity to understand the workflow centered on Digital Dentistry ranging from diagnosis and surgery to prosthesis for intuitive understanding was provided.

The seminar by Doctor Hyungi No(S Plant Dental Hospital) under the theme ‘Digital dentistry prosthesis centered on clinical cases’, the one by Prof. Euiwon Jung(Yeonse University) under  ‘Soft & Hard Tissue management by using SeperLine’, and the one by Dr. Ignacio Sanz(UCM) under ‘Peri-implant diseases’ were good opportunities to advertise Dentium's advanced technology in a short time. Also, the workshop by the chief Daesu Kim (Rainbow Dental Laboratory ) for local dental technicians attracted attentions on Dentium products by raising the understanding on block and coloring system geared toward the participants.

Also, hands-on course for direct understanding on Dentium products' clinical procedures was prepared. This provided customers with a good opportunity to experience the products.

By Dentium's own estimation, Dentium, through this symposium, established a solid position by catching up with digital trend that is fast improving, and they also expressed their aspiration that Dentium will contribute to the improvement of the local dentistry through this symposium.