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Subject Dentium attends BIS 2017 in Thailand
Country English Registered data 12/22/2017 Read 2392


Dentium attends BIS 2017 in Thailand

-Powerful step for leading Digital Dentistry trend in Thailand market-

Bangkok implant symposium that was held in Bangkok Thailand from last December 6th to 8th was a good opportunity to show off the capability as a leader of digital dentistry.  Implants and regeneration products such as the new SuperLine and Osteon II and the entire line-up of digital dentistry products were exhibited, and it concentrated the participants’ attention.  Also, hands-on course to help understand the clinical procedures of Dentium products were prepared and it was a good opportunity for customers to directly experience the products. In the main lecture, Doctor Sungmin Jung (Well Dental Clinic) and Prof. Mariano Sanz(UCM) gave lectures. Doctor Sungmin Jung explained the excellence of digital dentistry products on which Dentium is currently focusing, and he also stressed on Rainbow CT that is scheduled to be released. It is truly a total solution that could manage diagnoses, implant installation, and treatment planning all at once and it thus generated a huge interest. Prof. Mariano Sanz formed a consensus of the participants by explaining the excellence of regeneration products such as Osteon and saying that its bone regeneration effect is excellent. Through this Bangkok Implant symposium, Dentium established its solid position as a leader of total solution provider ranging from diagnosis to final prosthesis and determined that it will solidify its status of the 1st place of local brand preference level.