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Subject ISID Exhibition and Launching Seminar in Indonesia
Country English Registered data 12/26/2017 Read 2696


Successful Completion of ISID Exhibition and Launching Seminar in Indonesia

–Suggesting Dentistry Total Solution through Official Launching of Indonesian Market-

Dentium attended the 5th Indonesian Symposium of Implant Dentistry held from last Dec. 8th to 10th in Jakarta Indonesia, and newly introduced Dentium products and innovative technology to dentists from all around Indonesia.

In this symposium that was held successfully with approximately 400 dentist participants, main products of each companies were exhibited to induce the participants’ interest. Dentium, in particular, introduced the line-up focusing on new SuperLine and regeneration product group which was launched in earnest in Indonesia, and it attracted attention. Also, hands-on course for direct understanding of clinical procedures of Dentium products was prepared, and it was a good opportunity for customers’ direct experiencing.

In launching seminar that was held on the 1st day, Prof. Jungcheol Park ( Dankuk University), Dr. Hunjae Lee ( Idadeum Dental clinic), and Dr. Aulia Yudha ( Indonesia ) gave lectures. It was an occasion where only Dentium’s Dentistry Total Solution ranging from surgery, prosthesis to digital dentistry was suggested, and the trust and confidence also doubled with effective brand advertisement. 


Prof. Jungcheol Park explained the excellence of Dentium products focusing on new SuperLine and Osteon III, and Dr. Hunjae Lee delivered a new chapter of digital dentistry focusing on Dentium’s CAD/CAM equipment. Dr. Aulia Yudha shared GBR techniques utilizing Dentium products along with various clinical cases, and it formed consensus of the participants.

Through this Indonesian symposium, Dentium judged itself that it solidified its status as a leader of Indonesian market in accordance with fast changing digital trend, and expressed that Dentium will contribute to the development of local dental treatment through it.