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Subject Dentium Total Solution AEEDC 2018
Country English Registered data 02/23/2018 Read 3700

Dentium becomes a leader of Middle Eastern Dental Market

- “Operating theme booth for direct experiencing Dentium Total Solution”-


Dentium Inc. broadcasted the excellence of Dentium Implant and digital dentistry products to worldwide dentists by participating AEEDC 2018 held in Dubai for 3 days from last Feb. 6th to 8th. Dentium inspired its brand image focusing on Middle Eastern and African market through booth operation distinctive from competitors.


In this exhibition which caused a huge prosperity with approximately 50,000 participants from 130 countries in total, Dentium solidified its position as a leader of digital dentistry by exhibiting the new rainbow™ CT, Milling Machine, Guide Surgery etc. Also, Dentium concentrated public attention of the participants by introducing various implant line-ups and clinically useful instruments as a reputable implant company.


Especially the mini-seminar which was held in the booth, Dentium advertised its products effectively with specialized strategy and made it possible to peep into their actual clinical uses. Also, it gained sympathy of the participants through lectures by influential Middle Eastern lecturers such as Dr. Talaat and Dr. Saade, focusing on operation of hands-on corner which enabled direct experiencing of total solution of Dentium.


By participating this event, Dentium solidified its position as a total solution provider not only being the leader of traditional implant but also encompassing a wide range of digital dentistry field in general. Dentium especially solidified the will to approach more   Middle Eastern customers more actively with UAE area as the center.